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Depression In The Workplace Isn’t Always Obvious

Depression In The Workplace Isn’t Always Obvious

You may not see depression on the outside: While it is true that depression can lead to poor hygiene, lack of sleep, and the absence of caring about personal appearance, depression doesn’t always manifest that way. In an office environment or in the workplace, there is a call for attire and appearance. Usually, if depression begins to show through appearance it has reached an extreme level of unmanageability. More often, depression is being experienced on the inside.

You cannot know where someone’s depression comes from:

Depression is as much an independent mental illness as it is a coping mechanism of the brain in response to life’s stressors. If a professional in your workplace seems as though they may be struggling with depression, you may not know where the depression is coming from. Sometimes the depression is a direct response to a significant life event. Other times, depression may be co-occurring in response to a comorbid disorder.

You might not witness any pervasive sadness:

Depression slows down the brain, which slows down the nervous system, and the entire body. Commonly, people who are struggling with depression feel low in energy, low in motivation, and low in inspiration. However, this is not the only way depression manifests. High functioning depression and a phenomenon called “smiling depression” might be high energy, productive, and not show any signs of the typical sadness. What a person experiences outside of the workplace might be completely different.

How Can You Help When You Don’t Know?

Create a company culture focused on mental health. Professionals too often feel that they cannot talk to their employers or HR departments about their depression for fear of facing negative consequences. There are many laws in place which protect the rights of employees if they need to take time off, go to treatment, or see specialists in the area. Everyone in the workplace needs to know their rights and the importance of their mental health. Regularly hold information sessions, suggest self-care for mental health, and promote a positive workplace environment.

Depression is considered the greatest contributing factor to workplace production loss in the world. If depression is affecting your Professional life and you’ve turned to drugs or alcohol to cope, there is help available. Call the Center For Professional Recovery today for more information: 855-422-4129

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