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Professionals struggling with substance dependency face some obstacles in their treatment and recovery journey that others may not experience. These individuals may stand to lose their careers as well as their professional reputation, necessitating additional support to ensure this vital area of their lives can be preserved and restored once treatment is complete. For some, this can feel like the most overwhelming and hopeless part of the process, but the good news is professional support is also available even as you are taking the time to address your substance abuse issue.

Our team at Center for Professional Recovery will work directly with federal, state or local agencies and organizations such as the patient’s employer, health and well-being committees, state physician health programs (PHPs) and medical boards. Our goal is to assist our patients with all the requirements laid out by these organizations while obtaining pertinent information required for their treatment. We strive to offload much of the stress of this process from you so you can focus more fully on your treatment program and recovery.

Our support includes the following elements:

Support Upon Admission

The admission process may seem intimidating to professionals entering treatment, but our team will work to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. If a formal evaluation is requested from a PHP or medical board, we provide a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation (CDE) that meets their requirements. We also assist our patients by working directly with the program or entity referring them to our program and coordinate services based on the needs of the individual.

Support During Treatment

During your treatment, our team will be working with the respective organizations necessary to ensure all requirements are met throughout the process. We will serve as a liaison between our patient and the appropriated agencies to provide peace-of-mind in knowing the details are being addressed even as the treatment process is underway. If any concerns arise, we can solve those promptly and adjust the treatment program as necessary to avoid obstacles that could hinder reinstatement once treatment is completed.

Support After Treatment

A key component of the treatment model at the Center for Professional Recovery is our aftercare planning. Our treatment team will construct a plan upon completion of treatment that consists of risk management, long-term monitoring, advocacy (including 12-step groups), and care planning that includes therapies and medication management. A comprehensive contingency plan leads to better compliance and lasting sobriety.

Professionals seeking treatment for substance dependency are likely to feel overwhelmed with the complexities of the process as it relates to their health, their personal relationships, and their careers. The staff at the Center for Professional Recovery understands all those concerns and will devise a comprehensive plan that includes treatment for the addiction and restoration of the patient’s career and professional reputation. For more information, contact our center today at 866.298.0056.

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