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All the evaluations provided at the Center for Professional Recovery are individualized to identify the needs of each patients and are provided to patients exclusive or inclusive of our Professionals Treatment Program. We offer a variety of types and categories of evaluations, including:

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

Also known as CDE, this unique assessment to Center for Professional Recovery determines the following:

  • Whether the individual is currently eligible for work
  • If an individual meets diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder and any other psychiatric disorder
  • Whether treatment is needed and the type of treatment that would provide the greatest benefit and outcome

Relapse Evaluation

Relapse is not a sign of failure, but an indication that something in the recovery program is not working as it should. When relapse occurs, this evaluation utilizes a variety of tools:

  • Recovery assessment tool
  • PTP relapse autopsy
  • Group process

These tools determine the origins of the relapse and identify what was missing from past treatment and what needs to change in the future to achieve a new level of long-term recovery.

Chronic Pain Evaluations

These assessments are designed to rule out addiction and establish the cause and needed treatment for chronic pain disorders. Because chronic pain and substance abuse often go together, this evaluation helps to determine the best treatment approach to produce more effective pain management and reduce substance use when appropriate.

Fitness for Duty Evaluation

This assessment is essential to those in treatment that have a desire to resume their professional careers after the process is completed. The evaluation was created to examine cognitive function, to rule out co-occurring disorders and determine whether a return to work is safe, with or without restrictions.

Pre-Evaluation Process

We tailor our evaluations to the precise needs of the individual, ensuring the right questions are asked, and the appropriate information is collected. To help us anticipate and plan the evaluation, we will conduct a pre-admission process whenever possible. The pre-admission process usually includes the following:

  • A phone discussion that compiles the basic details of the person’s history and the reasons why the evaluation is being conducted
  • Completion of pre-evaluation homework (we will request a copy of a resume or CV, family history, life timeline, and a description of the sentinel event)
  • A review of all pertinent records
  • Pre-admission laboratory testing when needed and if possible

Through the information we obtain during the pre-evaluation process, we can structure our evaluation to address the individual, pinpointing needs so that we can develop the most efficient and effective treatment plan for them. We are also able to collect the necessary data to answer the questions of stakeholders as they arise to ensure as little disruption to the individual’s professional life as possible.

The right treatment plan begins with the proper assessment process. The staff at Center for Professional Recovery understands how vital the evaluation is in providing our patients the highest level of personalized care while they are at our facility. To learn more about our evaluation process, contact the Center for Professional Recovery today at 866.298.0056.

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