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Early Intervention

Physician health programs (PHPs) provide state disciplinary authorities (medical boards) what wellbeing committees (WCs) provide for hospital disciplinary authorities (medical executive committees). The former regarding licensure and the latter hospital privileges, both necessary for most physicians to practice. In the few states, like California, with no PHP, wellbeing committees take on added responsibilities. In statesRead More

Treatment Programs Designed for Physicians and other Health Professionals

All substance use disorder treatment programs should be excellent, unfortunately standards are often lax, in part because funding is inadequate. Every program should be licensed and accredited and have a physician involved with expertise in addiction medicine. Counseling staff should be licensed. Every program should have excellent evaluation services for assessing the severity of theRead More

Is Mindfulness an Evidence-Based Practice in the Workplace?

Mindfulness has been practiced for centuries but continues to remain an incredibly effective practice for feeling grounded in the present moment. Mental illness, substance use concerns, and life stressors can make it particularly challenging for employees to focus in the workplace, making mindfulness a viable option for companies to endorse. defines mindfulness as, “TheRead More

Why Would a Medical Consultation Be Beneficial To Me?

If you’ve decided to move forward with treatment for a substance addiction, medical consultations are extremely important. From a holistic perspective, your healthcare team should want to know everything that’s been affecting you, and your medical history and present status can provide detailed information to your health. Medical consultations can be beneficial for entering aRead More

What Alternative 12-Step Groups Are Available to Me?

Twelve step groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), have become an incredibly powerful option for many in their journey to recovery, as they provide individuals the opportunity to meet others who can guide them through their challenges and successes. However, these types of groups are often based on a religious foundation, which does not alwaysRead More

Combatting Workaholism with Mindfulness Meditation

There’s a lot of time, effort, and energy that goes into running a business, and there’s no doubt that with so many things to do, there’s simply not enough time in the day. For CEOs, executives, and business professionals alike, it’s easy to get swept up in the constant gravitational force of workplace responsibilities. LateRead More

What Are Some Short Meditation Exercises I Can Do At Work?

Running a successful business takes a lot of time, energy, and money. Amidst meetings and busy schedules, the mind can easily become filled with so many thoughts that its ability to function optimally is reduced. Unfortunately, substance use and smoking cigarettes have become immediate stress-relievers for many CEOs and executives, but that places their healthRead More

What a Neuropsychological Assessment Can Tell You

For CEOs and business professionals alike, mental illness may not always be on the forefront of priorities. Businesses need a leader who can dedicate time, energy, and money into their pursuits, and treatment for mental illness can quickly seem to take away from this. While it’s true that treatment for mental illness does take timeRead More

Psychiatrist Views: Collaborating on Patients with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder (BPD), along with other mental illnesses, is a complex disorder with several types to better define the experiences of individuals. Collaborative care is considered the most cost-effective, with improved mental and overall health outcomes; in working alongside clinical care managers, patients, and other healthcare professionals, psychiatrists have a unique role, with a responsibilityRead More

6 Essentials Required In Treatment Programs for Executives

Treatment, whether it be for mental illness or addiction recovery, is a serious commitment that deserves all the necessities a person needs to focus in on their journey to recovery. If you’re an executive, these needs are critical to ensure you run your business sufficiently while caring for your personal health. Many treatment centers provideRead More

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