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Can I use my insurance coverage for my treatment?

The Center for Professional Recovery accepts most private health insurance as an out-of-network provider. Carriers we work with include Aetna, Beacon Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare and others. We are here to help you understand your insurance coverage and create a plan based on that coverage and your budget, to provide you with the best treatment program for your needs.

Is your center licensed and accredited?

We are accredited by the Joint Commission, which is considered the top credential in our industry. The process of accreditation is a rigorous one that requires centers to provide evidence-based treatment modalities and the highest levels of care and safety to their patients. Less than 20 percent of all the facilities in this industry achieve this accreditation.

Do you provide a comprehensive evaluation?

Our team of experts has designed the comprehensive diagnostic evaluation or CDE, which we will provide upon the request of the patients or the individual or entity making the referral. This assessment takes approximately 72 hours to complete and involves members of our professional team that have been specially trained in this process. We use the results of this evaluation to make recommendations for treatment when appropriate, with referrals to at least three different facilities.

Will you work with my employer, medical board, or well-being committee?

We provide complete professional support at the Center for Professional Recovery from the evaluation and admission process to aftercare. Our team works directly with employers, well-being committees, PHPs and medical boards to make our patients’ transition back into their careers seamless and successful.

What happens after treatment?

As your intensive treatment experience draws closer to a conclusion, our team works with you to develop an individualized and comprehensive aftercare plan. As part of our continuum of care, we will expertly guide you through the next steps of your recovery plan, including working with your specific licensing board, well-being committee, and advocacy program. We aim to ensure you have the appropriate follow-up care prepared after your departure as well.

We Accept Most PPO Insurance Plans

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