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Recovery is defined as regaining something that has been lost, and also as a pathway for returning to a healthier condition of both the mind and body. Through extensive experience, our team at the Center for Professional Recovery has learned that recovery within the professional community needs to remain focused on restoring the patient’s life passions to create a healthier, higher quality of life overall.

Addiction Can Happen to Anyone

Addiction is not a discriminating disorder; it impacts people from all walks of life, including those in demanding careers where others depend on them for care and professional assistance. Many in these fields try to manage substance dependency on their own, concerned about the stigma of the condition and how it will affect their personal lives and their professions. Guilt and shame are typically overriding emotions as professionals may feel like they have let down their patients in addition to their families and themselves. Our team of experts has also been touched personally by addiction. We have seen firsthand that this is a treatable disease, whether it is addiction alone or addiction combined with a mental illness, known as a co-occurring disorder. We will walk the treatment path with you to help you discover restoration and healing on both a personal and professional level.

Your Path to Success

At Center for Professional Recovery, our philosophy is to provide the highest quality of care to our patients while facilitating their recovery in a safe, productive, and confidential setting. Using our proven model of success, including holistic and evidenced-based treatment modalities along with our unwavering compassion, we strive for complete physical, mental, and spiritual recovery for each patient we serve. No two journeys are alike, and no two treatment plans can be identical if they are to be effective. From comprehensive assessments to customized treatment programs, we strive to ensure your individual needs are addressed so you can safely embark on your own recovery course.

Holistic Healing

The most effective addiction treatment addresses the mind, body, and spirit simultaneously to ensure complete healing and well-being. This approach requires a variety of treatment modalities designed to encompass both traditional therapies and holistic modalities. With a broad range of treatment options, the Center for Professional Recovery provides patients an individualized treatment plan with all the tools necessary to navigate a successful recovery process.

Restoration on All Levels

Overcoming addiction is always a challenge, but for the professional, the process becomes even more complex as our goal is to help our patients write their life script. In addition to restoring personal relationships, career restoration becomes a high priority for these individuals. To achieve that end, our treatment plans at Center for Professional Recovery will address the following:

  • Support in monitoring programs
  • Disciplinary and licensing complexities
  • Management of professional reputation
  • Contingency planning

Our program is designed to meet the requirements of the State Physician Health Programs (PHPs), ensuring our treatment approach yields a high success rate among professionals.

Our location in Malibu, CA, combines soothing seascapes with world-class addiction and co-occurring treatment to deliver the finest patient care available for professional patients. We are not satisfied until we have placed every patient we have the pleasure of treating on a recovery path to long-lasting sobriety.

Let us put your mind at ease. Our staff at Center for Professional Recovery is ready to guide you through the treatment and recovery process, setting a course for a successful recovery. Find out more today by calling us at 866.298.0056.

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