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Center for Professional Recovery YouTube Video Package

Dr. Gregory Skipper
Medical Director



As we have all been adjusting to the COVID pandemic and its limitations, I have been providing free video presentations for Physician Health Program staff in lieu of in-personal seminars. While this ongoing series is available and accessible, we have heard they can be difficult to locate so we decided to put the first five together into one set – on one site – for you. So far, we have received excellent feedback. PHPs have used these presentations for staff training and for new staff orientations:

What Happened in California 

It is helpful for every PHP to know and understand what can happen in a state where a PHP is closed. It happened in California in 2008. This webinar reviews what happened and why and provides suggestions for other PHPs that may help them avoid problems.

Every Word Counts

Helpful in dealing with initial contacts with doctors who have been brought to the attention of a PHP or a well being committee. All too often, this encounter has been made much too complicated. Helpful tips are discussed.

Failing Up

Getting treatment for doctors means dealing with barriers and violations of the parity laws. We go over the obstacles and the misapplications of the ASAM Criteria with the hope of providing ways to effectively advocate.

Mitigating Risk of Fraudulent Applications

Doctors frequently face license, licensing renewals, credentialing, privilege, and malpractice applications with difficult questions prompting health information disclosures. They are stuck between a desire to be transparent versus oversharing private health information on the applications. Many times, the questions are violations themselves.

Specificity of Blood Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) as a Marker for Alcoholic Beverage Consumption

PEth testing is being widely used and promoted as “proof of alcoholic beverage consumption.” Can there be false positive PEth tests? This question is discussed at length.

These videos can easily be found on our Center for Professional Recovery YouTube Channel. We hope they are useful to you and your staff, and would enjoy any feedback. We will continue these presentations in 2021.

For updates and invitations to attend future webinars and access their recordings, please follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Best to you,

Dr. Gregory Skipper

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