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Taking the first step to seek addiction treatment is often the hardest. Professionals that require a treatment program need to be very selective in the facility they choose to provide a seamless transition back to their personal lives and their careers. When selecting where to be treated, the culture within the center is also a vital factor. At the Center for Professional Recovery, we have built our programs around these core philosophies:

Individualized Treatment for Each Patient

No two professional patients are identical, and no two treatment plans should be either. The Center for Professional Recovery takes the time to understand all the underlying issues and concerns our patients have so that we can tailor their treatment to their unique needs. Additionally, no treatment program offers more one-on-one attention and individual therapy than we do.

Employing Best-in-Class Clinicians and Staff Members

The Center for Professional Recovery employs highly-skilled staff members with extensive experience in the treatment of professionals. Each clinician at our center brings a unique blend of expertise that allows us to support our patients no matter what their situation might be.

Modeling Positive Behaviors at Every Stage of Treatment

The destructive nature of addiction makes it difficult for professionals to recognize healthy coping mechanisms and stress management techniques to help them turn away from substance abuse. Our team demonstrates positive behaviors at every stage of the treatment process to help our patients discover how they can also develop balance in their lives that eliminates the perceived need for substances.

Compassionate Care

We listen to our patients’ stories, knowing that everyone has their own unique story to tell. And while we demonstrate compassion and kindness to all our patients consistently, we are also not afraid to confront them when we find they are not honest with themselves. The population we serve is a population that has much to lose, and we want to see our patients experience restoration and healing rather than further loss.


We aim to assist our patients as they discover a healthier life both in the short and long-term and authenticity is a significant factor in reaching that goal. Denial is a common element with addiction, so we encourage our patients to face head-on the reality of their dependency, including how it has affected others around them in addition to their careers. We are honest about our own experiences as well, with the intention of providing our patients with the hope and persistence necessary to pursue long-term recovery and lasting sobriety.

World-Renowned Treatment from Experts in Professional Recovery

The executive staff that oversees the Center for Professional Recovery bring decades of experience in treating professionals to our center. Dr. Gregory Skipper, Medical Director at the Center for Professional Recovery, has worked with thousands of physicians and other professionals, helping them on the path to recovery. Associate Medical Director, Dr. Matthew Goldenberg also offers many years of experience in treating addiction patients and has over the years provided addiction psychiatry evaluations to many of the top addiction treatment centers across the country. Patients can rest assured the staff at the Center for Professional Recovery has the experience, expertise, and training necessary to provide the highest level of addiction treatment care.

Professionalism at Every Level of Care

Every team member at the Center for Professional Recovery applies the highest level of professionalism to their work with our patients. Patients are treated with dignity, respect, privacy and compassion from the first screening phone call to their follow-up care.

Evidence-Based Clinical Model

We utilize an evidence-based clinical model at the Center for Professional Recovery so that all our patients know the therapies used here have been effective historically. Although our programs can be tailored to the individual, all the modalities used have been tested and tried and shown to have a positive impact on those struggling with addiction.

Full Continuum of Care and Support

We realize treatment is a journey of many steps, so we are committed to supporting our patients with a full continuum of care. From the initial phone call to aftercare, we will walk every step of the treatment journey with you.

Patient-Focused Treatment

While some centers bring a cookie-cutter approach to addiction treatment, we take the time to acquaint ourselves with each of our patients personally, so their treatment is tailored to their needs. Your time spent at the Center for Professional Recovery will be focused on you – on your comfort, your safety and your progress in your treatment process.

Empathetic Mindset

When we say we have “walked in your shoes,” we are not using that phrase as a marketing mantra. Many members of our staff have had personal experiences with addiction and recovery, so they know firsthand the issues you face as you embark on your treatment journey. At the same time, we have held and still hold professional careers like you, so we understand the pressures and isolation that can face people with these job titles.

The Center for Professional Recovery takes treatment of the professional to a new level with programs designed specifically for this population. To find out more about our treatment options, contact our center today at 866.298.0056.

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