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Do You Suffer From Praise Addiction?

Do You Suffer From Praise Addiction?

Professionals who are living with mental illness of some kind, like a mood disorder, a personality disorder, and/or a substance use disorder, generally struggle with low self-esteem. A low sense of self-worth, deep insecurity, poor self-image, and low self-esteem are extremely common in individuals living with mental illnesses. Partially, an effect on self-image has to do with brain chemistry. Partially, an effect on self-image has to do with the shame, stigma, and stereotype associated with any mental health which doesn’t seem “normal”.

Working hard and receiving accolades is normal for professionals in their field. To become a professional: be it a lawyer, doctor, EMT, judge, therapist, or other professional, you had to work extremely hard. You went to school, you took tests, you interned, you apprenticed, you were mentored, you passed boards and certifications, you trained relentlessly to make you the professional you are today. Through each phase of your development, you have been praised and congratulated for your talent, skill, knowledge, and expertise. If there wasn’t anything to praise, you wouldn’t be at the professional level you are today.

Once a professional reaches their goals, they realize that the praises will stop coming as regularly, until they reach new milestones. Some professionals, however, will struggle to embrace that reality. When professionals go to treatment and enter a lifestyle of recovery, praise may become part of their life again. Once a professional enters their workplace again, that praise and encouragement may not come, leaving them feeling unsure about themselves.

Inc. offers three questions to help you determine if you are addicted to praise:

  • “When someone at work gets publicly recognized for his efforts, do you get really jealous?”
  • “When your boss provides constructive criticism on some work you’ve done, do you immediately get defensive and shut down?”
  • “When it comes to your career progression, do you think, ‘I’m not doing any more work than what is expected of me?” and say to yourself “I don’t get the proper recognition for what I already do.”

Be Your Own Praise Machine

A tool professionals pick up in treatment and recovery is positive affirmations. Create a list of the sentiments or accolades you most long to hear in the workplace or other areas of your life. Write them down and keep a copy of them on your phone. When you find yourself needing praise, give it to yourself. Realize that your motivation for life, career, and recovery has to be intrinsic in order to be successful. Be your own praise machine and number one cheerleader. You deserve it.

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