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The staff at the Professionals Treatment Program (PTP) knows first-hand the stresses of working in high-pressure careers and many on our team have lived with the devastating consequences of addiction. We know too well how irregular and long work hours, working in an environment that produces trauma, having reoccurring workplace pressures, or having easy access to medications can alter one’s mental well-being and bring one to a state of seeking drugs or alcohol for relief. We also understand the shame and guilt that professionals often feel while they are in the grip of an addictive process that they are unable to conquer by their own resources. Many professionals affected by substance use disorders do not know where to turn. It can seem impossible to find a place for genuine healing.

Because of our experience and focus working with professionals, most of whom are highly educated and motivated, we understand how distressing and disruptive these issues can be in your life. We provide the right atmosphere including being treated with peers, premium and evidenced-based treatment modalities, and programming for genuine, personal, and meaningful recovery.

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