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How Can You Fit Mindfulness Into A Busy Day?

How Can You Fit Mindfulness Into A Busy Day?

Mindfulness is a critical tool for professionals in recovery from addiction and any co-occurring mental health issues. Practicing mindfulness doesn’t have to be any great feat. Here are just a few simple ways to incorporate more mindfulness into your workday after treatment.


  • Make the beginning of the day yours: When you walk into the office and get settled, don’t dive into emails, messages, tasks, or the needs of co-workers. Once you get to the office or before, make the beginning of the day exclusively yours. Take 10 to 20 minutes for yourself to breathe, meditate, relax your muscles, and visualize the day ahead.
  • Make your lunch break count: Many professionals are guilty of taking their lunch break on the run, eating while they’re working, and not really breaking for lunch the way they should. A lunch break is a break for a reason. Walk outside, get some fresh air, turn off your phone, and take a total break for lunch. Through treatment and recovery, you’ve learned what you need at meal time nutritionally to support your recovery in mind, and body. Eat a whole, nutritious meal, without digital interactions or work. Be by yourself or chat with coworkers- about anything other than work.
  • Take other breaks, as well: Lunch breaks aren’t the only time of day you can stop working. You learned in treatment how important it is to take mental health breaks throughout the day. Meditation is beneficial after just five minutes, for example. Getting up and walking away from your desk, catching fresh air, checking in with a sponsor, and other small practices can give you the replenishment you need.
  • Listen to something inspirational: Most professionals have to commute to work and home from work. Listening to music is a practice in mindfulness. Listening to the world around you is a practice in mindfulness. Listening to a guided meditation, a podcast, an audiobook- all of these are practices in mindfulness as long as you are present with the information and giving it your full focus.


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