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Why is Relapse Prevention Important?

Whether you’re recovering from a mental illness or substance use disorder (SUD), relapse can affect your health, performance at work, and your personal life as well. Returning to work after spending some time in treatment can be daunting, and not establishing an action plan for your return could set you up for additional challenges inRead More

Is Mindfulness an Evidence-Based Practice in the Workplace?

Mindfulness has been practiced for centuries but continues to remain an incredibly effective practice for feeling grounded in the present moment. Mental illness, substance use concerns, and life stressors can make it particularly challenging for employees to focus in the workplace, making mindfulness a viable option for companies to endorse. defines mindfulness as, “TheRead More

Why Would a Medical Consultation Be Beneficial To Me?

If you’ve decided to move forward with treatment for a substance addiction, medical consultations are extremely important. From a holistic perspective, your healthcare team should want to know everything that’s been affecting you, and your medical history and present status can provide detailed information to your health. Medical consultations can be beneficial for entering aRead More

What Alternative 12-Step Groups Are Available to Me?

Twelve step groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), have become an incredibly powerful option for many in their journey to recovery, as they provide individuals the opportunity to meet others who can guide them through their challenges and successes. However, these types of groups are often based on a religious foundation, which does not alwaysRead More

Are Newly Trained Dentists At High Risk for Anxiety and Depression?

In the medical field, there are strict requirements that students must meet to obtain their status as a dentist. Licensure by the state, plus residency, is often required, which means that students in dental school must complete rigorous testing and preparation for their future career. This in-depth training can be very stressful for students, withRead More

Is There a Stigma of Mental Illness Among Medical Professionals?

Medical professionals such as nurses, doctors, and first responders face a variety of medical concerns each day, with exposure to various ailments, including mental illness. As professionals who provide care and support services, there comes into question the help that is sought if a medical professional experiences symptoms of mental illness themselves – what areRead More

What Are Some Challenges That Professionals Face When it Comes to Mental Illness?

Mental illness does not discriminate, but certain occupations can provide unique challenges that make a person exceptionally susceptible to developing a mental illness. As Harvard Medical School indicates, symptoms of mental illness may cause absenteeism, but lost productivity is often the biggest cost to organizations. If symptoms go unrecognized, a mental illness can disrupt notRead More

What Are the Benefits of Motivational Interviewing?

Many professionals are skeptical about seeking treatment for a mental illness, and it makes sense. From a large-scale perspective, treatment can take up time from work, which no business professional really wants to lose. Mental health is important, however, and if you’ve been noticing signs of a mental illness, it’s best that you complete aRead More

Can a Lack of Work-Life Balance Cause Mental Health Issues for Upper-Level Managers?

CEOs, executives, upper-level managers and employees at large are at greater risk for mental health concerns when work-life balance is not supported. Upper-level positions in particular may face greater challenge with this, as their role typically requires more time and pressure to meet work responsibilities. Work-life balance isn’t an equal distribution, but rather a fluidRead More

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