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The treatment facility at Center for Professional Recovery is exclusively dedicated to the treatment of professionals with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. We provide a confidential setting that offers our patients the haven necessary for effective therapeutic interventions and services outlines in our treatment plan. Professionals that choose our center can rest assured they will be able to explore the issues that let up to their addiction in utmost privacy and comfort, alongside peers who are facing similar challenges.

Scenic Location

Our location in the coastal community of Malibu features a vibrant recovery community where our patients can enjoy the temperate climate coupled with the healing properties of the California coastline. Patients take full advantage of the many outdoor activities available as well as the shopping and dining experience this unique setting provides. Transitional living facilities are located in the area, offering our patients comfortable, homelike environments where they can relax and interact with others from similar backgrounds and walks of life during the evening hours.

Comfortable Living

While living in our transitional facilities, residents team up to cook meals or choose to go out to restaurants in the area as a group. The sense of community is essential for a healthy recovery for individuals that have had a primary focus on their careers much of their adult life. By building relationships with others that are working through similar issues, patients form the bonds necessary to support them through the treatment process as well as their long-term recovery. A day treatment program without the transitional living option does not provide the same level of support.

Where you undergo your treatment is just as essential as the programs offered by your center for your successful recovery. Working with peers in an environment that is both private and community-oriented has helped our patients find a safe and long-lasting road to sobriety. To learn more about our facility or our treatment programs, contact the Center for Professional Recovery today at 866.298.0056.

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