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The Professionals Treatment Program (PTP) at Center for Professional Recovery is explicitly designed to provide state of the art substance use disorder and co-occurring treatment for licensed health care professionals, judges and lawyers, pilots, and business executives. In addition to our Professionals Treatment Program, we offer in-depth Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations (CDEs) as stand-alone assessments, or as the foundation on which we build a patient’s professionals treatment plan.


About the State Physician Health Programs

Our PTP is modeled to meet the needs of State Physician Health Programs (PHPs), who have set a standard of excellence for the evaluation and treatment of physicians and other licensed professionals under their supervision. The Physicians Health Program was initially developed in the 1970’s to help doctors battling addiction, but the program has since expanded to encompass a broad range of healthcare professionals in high-pressure, demanding careers.

By setting high standards for evaluation and treatment, PHPs have stimulated the emergence of a system of care that has the highest success rates ever documented from addiction treatment. As many as 79 – 92 percent of individuals that complete one of these programs has been able to remain abstinent for years following treatment. Most can return to their chosen professions after completing an assessment to determine their eligibility. Some resume their careers right away, while others undergo outpatient treatment or an extended period of abstinence before returning to practice.


Taking the Best from PHPs

PHPs offer the accountability, structure, long-term monitoring and ongoing support necessary to help professionals succeed in addiction treatment. The Professionals Treatment Program at the Center for Professional Recovery in Malibu has taken the best components of this system of care and designed an ideal program that provides evidence-based therapies within a complete continuum of care while preparing patients for their best chance at lasting recovery.

To ensure our treatment plans are customized to the individual, we offer a wide range of modalities designed to address every aspect of addiction and co-occurring disorders, including:

Our patients receive the right level of care with carefully selected, evidence-based therapies to help them step down as they are clinically ready. Our goal is to help every patient succeed in addiction and co-occurring treatment and safely return to their homes and professions.

Professionals struggling with addiction may face uncertainty and distress over how the substance dependency will impact their lives and their careers. The Center for Professional Recovery offers proven treatment modalities and the necessary personal and professional support to help individuals in these industries overcome addition and return to their professions. To learn more about our program, contact the Center for Professional Recovery today at 866.298.0056.

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