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Treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders will look different for each person. Customizable treatment options are necessary to ensure individual needs are met, issues are addressed, and progress is made. The Center for Professional Recovery understands how essential it is to

tailor treatment programs to our patients. We provide evidence-based, holistic treatment therapies while working with referents and stakeholders involved in the process to ensure our patients can restore both their personal lives and their career paths.

Assessing Needs

Because we custom design our treatment plans for each individual we serve, an initial evaluation will be performed as a starting point to identify a patient’s struggles and needs. Everyone that calls our office will be provided with an initial pre-admission screening if they choose. Patients who need a thorough evaluation will come to our office in Malibu, CA as an outpatient, and receive a Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation, known as our CDE. Through our evaluation process, we work to pinpoint an addiction, underlying issue, or medical condition that might be contributing to the individual’s dependency. This in-depth process allows us to customize a program that will meet the needs of each patient that comes through our doors.

The experts at the Center for Professional Recovery have designed the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation (CDE), which is performed independently from our treatment programs, to confidentially and expertly obtain information necessary to prepare for a possible treatment plan or to rule out a diagnosis. In some cases, the CDE will reveal that an individual requires treatment, which can be provided through the Professionals Treatment Program or another facility best suited for the patient. Other times, the CDE may determine that no treatment is necessary. This evaluation is an essential step for patients or referring organizations to get answers regarding an individuals health or work eligibility.

Choices in Treatment Therapies

The capacity to develop an individualized treatment plan is dependent on the variety of treatment modalities available.
At Center for Professional Recovery, we offer the following therapy options:

We approach recovery knowing that we cannot be everything to everyone. To ensure our patients receive the specialized support necessary for recovery, we work collaboratively with experts in the community to address issues like gambling, sex addiction, eating disorders, pain management and obsessive-compulsive disorders that often accompany substance dependency. Our Malibu, CA location provides us access to a full network of specialists to meet our all of our patient’s needs.

Professional Support Now and Later

Professional Support Now and Later

Professionals entering treatment require additional support to allow them to resume their careers at some point in their recovery process. The Center for Professional Recovery provides the needed support, both during treatment and afterward. Entities we work closely with throughout the process include:

  • Referents
  • Stakeholders
  • Employers
  • Health or well-being committees
  • Medical boards

We will work with these groups and individuals to prepare our patients for a safe return to the workplace as well as help them obtain ongoing support when they return home.

Developed by Professionals for Professionals

Developed by Professionals for Professionals

The Center for Professional Recovery understands the unique challenges faced by those who have worked in demanding professions and are now struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Many on our team have experienced the devastation of addiction firsthand while working in careers that require irregular hours, constant pressures and daily trauma in some cases. We know how to relate to individuals in this situation and provide the unique support and proven treatment therapies necessary to turn their lives around and resume their professional careers.

If you are struggling right now with the strain of addiction or a co-occurring disorder, help is available. Find out more about our treatment options today by calling the Center for Professional Recovery at 866.298.0056.

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