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The Professionals Treatment Program provides full-day treatment in a professional setting in Santa Monica, California, within a brief stroll to the Santa Monica Pier, shops, restaurants, and the beach. Within our unique environment, our patients are encouraged to interact with their peers and provide support and accountability to one another. Our transitional living facilities include the following:

  • Living and dining room areas
  • Full kitchens
  • Furnished patios and outdoor seating
  • Private or shared rooms
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Professional and confidential environment

While staying in our residences, patients will be able to shop and cook their food, often as a group. This structure allows them to build a sense of community that is typically a missing piece of the puzzle with professionals that have been focused mainly on their careers. In addition to preparing meals together, the group may opt to go out to a nearby restaurant. By simulating the ritual of sitting down together at the table for a meal, we help our patients create bonds with their peers that they may have been unable to develop in the past.

Professionals Helping Professionals

By providing a professional milieu for our patients, we increase their odds of success by the comfort they feel and the connections they make. When professionals go to a treatment program that has a more diverse range of patients, it is difficult for them to step down from their role as caretaker or an authority to become the patient for a time. At the same time, patients in our program understand one another, from the stresses they face to the long hours they work. This sense of camaraderie allows our patients to be both honest and accountable to one another as they are all facing similar issues and concerns in their daily lives.

It is difficult for individuals in professional careers to admit they are struggling with substance dependency. These people have often built their own success stories without the need to rely on others. When the addiction takes hold, they may find themselves in a situation where they cannot accomplish their goal of recovery alone, and they must ask for help. While the reality of addiction can feel defeating for professional patients, seeking help with their peers normalizes the treatment process for many. As the stigma and shame fade away, patients are empowered to pursue their recovery journeys successfully.

Ideal Location

Our California location and climate offer patients’ excellent opportunities to integrate a variety of activities into their treatment experience. The scenic and healing properties of the coast provide an ideal setting conducive to healing and restoration. The supportive recovery community of the Santa Monica is beneficial to our patients, while the proximity of experts that can support the various aspects of their treatment program is unsurpassed.

Seeking treatment for addiction can seem like an overwhelming first step for individuals that have experienced more successes than obstacles in their lives. By working through the process with like-minded professionals, you can significantly increase your odds of a comfortable and successful recovery. To learn more about how the Center for Professional Recovery provides an optimal environment for effective treatment and recovery, contact our office today at 855.422.4129.

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