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Addiction is a disease that spans age, income level and background. Those in professional careers such as healthcare may be particularly vulnerable to its grip for a variety of reasons. In fact, the term professional burnout syndrome has been coined for those in high-pressure industries that experience the negative consequences of these stress-filled careers, including substance abuse and mental health issues. At Center for Professional Recovery, we are extensively trained in addiction and co-occurring mental health treatment and are prepared to meet each individual’s unique needs and safely return them back to their profession and personal lives after treatment.

The Center for Professional Recovery is designed to help individuals in demanding, high-pressure careers find evidence-based treatment for both addiction and co-occurring disorders. Most of our patients are highly educated and motivated, which makes substance dependency that much more distressing and disruptive. We reach individuals in this situation on a personal level, as treatment experts that have also struggled with the stresses of professional careers and have experienced the consequences of addiction.

Who We Treat

While we often see professionals in the healthcare industry at the Center for Professional Recovery, the individuals we work with come from a wide range of professions:

People in these industries often work long and irregular hours, keeping them from their support network of family and friends for prolonged periods. In addition, the pressures of working with trauma daily or having easy access to medications can increase the risk for substance abuse and dependency. Professional patients in high-stress occupations may struggle more than other types of patients because the stigma of addiction is further intensified by possible consequences to their professional career.

The Prevalence of Abuse

If you are a physician that has turned to substances as a means of managing the stress and challenges of the job, you are not alone. A 2013 study published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine found that 69 percent of physicians had used prescription medication for non-medical purposes. In 2014, USA Today reported that more than 100,000 health care workers, including doctors and nurses, were abusing prescription drugs including narcotics like oxycodone and fentanyl.

Doctors are not the only ones seeing higher than average percentages of substance abuse. Lawyers also struggle with addiction, according to statistics from the American Bar Association that found as many as 21 percent of licensed and practicing lawyers deal with alcohol addiction. Because many who are abusing substances in these industries are considered high-functioning addicts, the problem often goes unnoticed for an extended period. The good news is that when professionals seek treatment for addiction, their odds of obtaining and maintaining long-term sobriety are comparatively high.

Overcoming the Consequences

At Center for Professional Recovery, we understand the devastating effects substance dependency can have on professionals and provide the necessary support and care to help these individuals overcome addiction and embrace long-term recovery. We will work with them both from a personal and a professional standpoint to restore their lives. To assist in meeting professional goals, we network with employers, Physicians Health Programs and well-being committees to help our patients return to work safely and provide for their aftercare needs.

Our staff consists of a multidisciplinary team ready to provide evidence-based treatment modalities to ensure a successful treatment process. To learn more about our program, contact the Center for Professional Recovery today at 866.298.0056.

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