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What Accommodations Can I Provide To A Professional In Recovery?

Industries have different systems, boards, rules, and requirements to put into place when a professional in the field needs to seek treatment. Professionals commonly seek treatment for substance use disorders, which are frequently co-occurring with other mental health disorders. Accommodations, time, plans, certifications, and processes are often predetermined depending on a professional’s field and position.Read More

Your Lack Of Sleep Is Showing

Sleep is one of the most important components of human function. We need sleep to survive, to think, and to behave. Our brains need sleep in order to work properly. Like a computer, without proper charge, our brains shut down. Sleep is like plugging in a charger to our brains. During sleep our brain hasRead More

How Can I Support An Employee Returning From Treatment?

Many professionals face a similar anxiety when they have to return to work after treatment. What if they are treated differently? What if they still suffer? What if things don’t change for them? What if nothing gets better? Returning to work is a hard-earned accomplishment for professionals in recovery. Whether you are boss, manager, orRead More

How Does Binge Drinking Affect Professionals’ Mental Health?

Binge drinking is a common and sometimes celebrated practice for professionals across a variety of professions. For many professionals, “binge drinking” goes by another name, whether it is celebrating, networking, relaxing, grabbing “a drink” after work, and other identities. Problematically, like most of the population, professionals may not know what constitutes binge drinking and forRead More

May Is Mental Health Month: How Professionals Can Participate

Mental health awareness in the professional workplace is becoming more common. Professionals are people too and people are prone to developing addiction, alcoholism, and mental illness. Every May, Mental Health America puts on Mental Health Month as a way to bring attention and awareness to the prevalence of mental health issues in America. Mental HealthRead More

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