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Why do Some People Become Alcoholics?

Why do Some People Become Alcoholics?

Some people are more prone to becoming alcoholics than others are. Many factors indicate the person’s risk for alcoholism. Genetics, physical condition, mental health, and age can influence an individual’s problem drinking. Other contributors are how often a person drinks, how much he or she consumes, and the type of alcohol.

A person who has alcoholic parents is at risk of becoming an alcoholic. Alcohol is a depressant and affects a person’s mood. Some people become aggressive, violent, and abusive. A young child who grows up in a family with alcoholic parents is often exposed to this destructive and life-altering behavior. Living in this type of environment with alcoholic parents affects a child’s mental health. He or she can develop depression, anxiety, fear, and PTSD. As a young teen, emotional and mental health problems can link to his or her using drugs or alcohol to cope.

Eventually, a young adolescent can become an alcoholic by living through trauma. Drinking alcohol is a short-term escape from reality. When he or she drinks, the brain releases dopamine, which gives them temporary feelings of euphoria. Over time, they build a tolerance to the alcohol and drink more and more to reach the same pleasurable effect. The teen’s brain is still developing and growing. Drinking alcohol impairs his or her judgment, vision, coordination, speech, and learning capabilities.

A person with mental health issues turns to alcohol to cope. Alcohol is a depressant. Drinking alcohol makes a person experience pleasurable feelings by an increase in dopamine. A person with depression can become more depressed by drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol can increase anxiety. If someone has mental health issues, he or she should not turn to alcohol. Instead, they need to seek help from a medical professional to receive appropriate medication and guidance.

Some people can drink alcohol without developing an addiction. Alcoholism is a dangerous and deadly disease of the brain. Drinking alcohol affects a person’s brain, heart, liver, and other major organs in their body. Alcohol can also cause different types of cancers. A person with an addiction to alcohol is at high risk of accidents, overdose, and early death.

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