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Self-Acceptance Training

Self-Acceptance Training

Self-acceptance is about being aware of and accepting your personal strengths and flaws. Self-acceptance training puts you in a hypnotic trance state where you are less likely to experience criticism as well as negative evaluations that can interfere with your sensations, imagery, and thoughts. Self-acceptance training can be beneficial for anyone with pent up negative emotions about themselves and want to live a fuller, happier life.

This method of training was started by Richard Olney who studied psychology, mysticism, and hypnosis. He conducted nearly thirty workshops a year in many locations as well as taught education sessions to medical professionals to expand their practice to the training. When he died in 1994, self-acceptance training was carried on by those who received training from him as well as his students.

Self-acceptance training helps people realize that their life is impacted by past experiences and trauma. This can be useful in cases such as someone who experienced abuse in their childhood can share a detailed incident from memory while under hypnosis. Someone with a low self-esteem can act out a childhood conversation that really impacted them that dealt with harsh criticism. People under a hypnotic trance could recount early childhood experiences that they were not able to remember in the present. By the end of their training, they will feel more self-aware and have an increase in energy.

The beliefs in self-acceptance training is that the past experiences and beliefs of yourself and other people can create a negative self-image and cause you to be involved in destructive behavior. Old traumas and bad memories can make an impact on your feelings, behaviors, and thoughts that you are experiencing in the present. Instead of being connected to the past, self-acceptance training will help you making positive changes in the way you think and will connect you to the present.

It is important for those who decide to do self-acceptance training to be comfortable being under a hypnosis stage and to share their stories in a group setting. It is not recommended for those with schizophrenia or mania as you need to clearly remember the past and speak clearly about your current situation. There has been no scientific research yet on self-acceptance training but based on personal evidence, this training has been able to help a lot of people. Self-acceptance training is great for those who want to live their lives happy with themselves.

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