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When A Lawyer In Your Life Is Struggling

When A Lawyer In Your Life Is Struggling

Addiction and alcoholism, along with co-occurring mental health disorders, are prevalent in the industry of law. Lawyers and the law industry as a whole are drinking more than they are supposed to, many are abusing drugs, and many more are facing undiagnosed, untreated mental illnesses. If someone in your life, or your business, is a lawyer who is struggling, these suggestions will help you safely and compassionately confront them.

Talk To Them

Unless a lawyer in your life is chronically belligerent, there is a time and space available to have an honest conversation with them. During these conversations it is important to talk about the person rather than the profession. Let them know they are cared for, they aren’t themselves, and out of love and concern, you are suggesting treatment of some kind. Emphasize that treatment is nothing to be ashamed of, even as a lawyer. Encourage them to understand that lawyers struggle with their mental health and getting help is the best possible thing to do for themselves, their firm, and their career.

Offer Your Support

Too often, lawyers can feel like they’re being pushed out of the office so as not to become an embarrassment. Mental illness, addiction, and alcoholism, are all accompanied by a great amount of shame, due to the circulation of stigma and stereotype in society. Let the lawyer in your life know that you are going to keep in touch, you will get updates, you will send cards, and that the full support of the office is behind them.

Get An Assessment

The Center for Professional Recovery offers Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations which work with referrents to assess specific concerns regarding a professional’s mental health. Workplaces and family members can arrange a CDE, which helps pinpoint exactly what is going on with a beloved lawyer. Our assessments include blood panels, forensic psychology, neurocognitive testing, and much more in order to understand what disorders are present, as well as what substances.

Allow Them To Take Time

There is no direct route from addiction, alcoholism, or mental illness to full recovery. Each person experiences their diagnoses differently, meaning their treatment will be different and their recovery will be different. At The Center for Professional Recovery, our Professional Treatment Program individualizes each client’s treatment plan, specific to their disorders, their professions, and their personal needs. Our full continuum of care allows clients to come to treatment and leave treatment at the level of care they need for full restoration and recovery.

Located in beautiful Malibu, California, The Center for Professional Recovery supports the local community in providing education, awareness, treatment, and custom services. Call us today for information on our treatment programs designed for lawyers: 855-422-4129

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