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Is There Such A Thing As A High-Functioning Personality Disorder?

Is There Such A Thing As A High-Functioning Personality Disorder?

Personality disorders and substance use disorders, more commonly referred to as addictions, are commonly co-occurring. In somewhat of a chicken or the egg debate, it is understood that personality disorders cause a greater risk for addiction, especially if they go untreated. Addiction can inspire the development of a personality disorder, however, a personality disorder is more often a primary condition which inspires addiction.

Compared to mood disorder or psychiatric disorders, personality disorders are often pushed to the wayside in their importance for treatment and their ability to affect someone’s life. Like any mental illness, a personality disorder can become detrimental if left untreated. Millions of people live with untreated personality disorders on a daily basis. Thriving without major issue, these individuals see no need to undergo any kind of formal treatment to address minor or major issues which could be creating conflict in their lives. Though on the outside these individuals seem to be successful and high-functioning, on the inside they may be facing intense mental and emotional turmoil. The “high-functioning personality disorder” is, for this reason, considered mythological.

When we live with high-functioning personality disorders, we live in a state of denial which allows us to be comfortable with a certain discomfort. Overtime, that discomfort weighs on our spirits, minds, and bodies like gears grinding without oil. Though our gears continue to grind, they don’t work as effectively or efficiently as they could with support. Treatment, therapy, and clinical care for a personality disorder co-occurring with a substance use disorder offer that support. High-functioning lifestyles are only high-functioning for so long. Recovery and everything that the lifestyle of recovery incorporates, provides daily tools, healing, growth, and learning which makes the intricate system of someone’s life run more and more smoothly.

The myth of high-functioning personality disorders are tempting to believe because our lives are convincing on the outside. Depending on the personality disorder, our lives may be very well convinced on the inside as well. If we are suffering, if our professional lives are suffering, if our personal lives are suffering, we have to surrender to the power of mythology and accept reality. Recovery is a myth we can believe in, achieve, and live.

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