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How Do I Take A Mental Health Day From Work If I’m A Professional?

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As professionals we live under a scrutinous pressure, that being a professional means never needing to take a day off. We realize that our vacations are necessary, our weekends are precious, and our well earned time off is a treasure. In between those ‘normal’ times, we rue the day we get too sick to get to work and have to call in for a day off. Though our “earned” days are days we know we need to sustain our professional efforts, other days which we need to take care of ourselves are deemed anything other than deserved. Due to a pervasive stigma about mental health, we struggle even more to allow ourselves to take a “mental health day” when we need one.

Unfortunately, many of us miss out on too many of those days, putting an increasing amount of strain on our mental health. Eventually, our mental health requires more than one day off. Many professionals find themselves seeking treatment in a program for weeks or months at a time. During treatment, professionals learn that not only is regularly taking a “mental health day” acceptable, but that it is completely vital to their wellbeing. Professional or not, you are still a human being. Moreover, you’re a human being living with one or more mental health issues which necessitates exceptional care. Professionals learn to discard their harmful beliefs that needing to care for their mental health is a weakness. Instead, they realize that their mental health is critical for their life inside and outside of the office.

Whether your are the boss or the employee, there are steps to take when you need to take a mental health day.


  • Decide the purpose of your day off. You want to set an intention or a goal for a mental health day in order to heal productively throughout the day. Self-care days focused entirely on relaxation and detachment can be helpful every so often. More often than not, there is something specific weighing on you which you can specifically work on.
  • Make a plan for your day. Sleeping all day, watching Netflix, and generally being a sloth may sound like the day you need off from work. However, much research has found that days like these do not actually contribute to better mental health, but worsen certain symptoms. Make a plan for your day which includes mind, body, and spirit. Get some exercise, confront whatever stress you are trying to cope with, meditate, and spend time in self-care where you can.
  • Make a plan for the coming days. Mental health days can serve as time for strategy. Until now, what you’ve been doing for your mental health has worked. Lately, you’ve been struggling. This isn’t a matter of success or failure but a need to constantly reassess then adjust. What can you do for your mental health ongoing when you return to work?
  • Know your rights and look into the laws which allow you to take mental health days when needed.


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