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4 Things You Won’t Stress About At Work After You Go To Treatment

4 Things You Won’t Stress About At Work After You Go To Treatment

Stress plays a big role in a professional’s mental health and contributes to the development of addiction, as well as mental illness. Once you go to treatment, you learn a new set of tools for coping with stress effectively, which makes certain stressors at the office seem like nothing to stress about.


  • You won’t stress that your future is threatened when you hit a dry spell: Nobody can work like a machine all the time, no matter what professional literature and industry magazines tell you. Your future is not threatened by the occasional difficulty with work. Everyone gets tired. Everyone needs a break and a chance to reboot in order to return to with a gusto. You realize that taking care of yourself has more importance than working yourself ragged to the point of not being able to work at all. What you can contribute is your best in that moment, every moment.
  • You won’t stress that your worth or your ability is extinguishable: Hitting a dry spell can be triggering when you’re in recovery. Living with addiction, alcoholism, or mental health issues often includes insecurities and low self-esteem. Too many professionals put their personal worth on the scale of their professional abilities. Treatment helps you find your self-worth outside of work and profession. The stress of becoming irrelevant disappears.
  • You won’t stress when one thing in particular isn’t going your way: Control is something most people would like to have over every area of their lives. The smartest people, however, realize that letting go of the need to control is the real way to be in control of life. When one thing in particular isn’t going your way, you won’t stress about it. Recovery teaches you to be flexible and discern where your energy is best spent.
  • You won’t stress about not prioritizing your mental health: One of the toxic cycles professionals experience at work is knowing that their working behaviors are taxing their mental health, but continuing to do it anyway. Once their mental health starts to suffer, their work starts to suffer, causing more stress to their mental health, more stress to their work, and so forth. Spending time in treatment teaches professionals how to prioritize their mental health in and out of the workplace. Everyday behaviors, along with therapeutic techniques, make mental health a priority from morning to night.


Are you ready for a change? Are you willing to take steps toward a better future, free from addiction? Our Professionals Treatment Program can take you there. Call the Center for Professional Recovery today: 855-422-4129 for information.

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