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When a Pilot’s Depression Leads to Suicide: 5 Warning Signs to Look Out For

Please note: If you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Your life matters. The 2015 Germanwings Flight 9525 disaster was devastatingly tragic, where 150 people were killed in light of a co-pilot potentially ending his life by crashing the plane. Although death by suicide does not often occur throughRead More

How Can Job Anxiety Affect My Mental Health And Workplace Performance?

It’s normal to feel occasional worry over future projects, deadlines, or meetings, but if you’re experiencing constant panic or fear, incessant worrying, racing heart, and more, you may be struggling with anxiety. If so, you’re not alone – the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) states that 72% of employees who report anxiety orRead More

Can Working Long Hours Negatively Affect My Company’s Success?

Many working professionals are notorious for their long hours on the clock, dedicated to research, gathering information, coordinating with others in the company, and responding to emails. CEOs and executives may find themselves with not enough time in the day, as running a company means that something can always be done. While long hours mayRead More

Mental Health Professionals: Can Burnout Lead to Mental Health Issues?

Mental health professionals face unique and varying challenges on a daily basis, with a common denominator of compassion needed to provide the best care. Compassion fatigue, also known as secondary traumatic stress, is an unfortunately common occurrence in the healthcare field – and happens when a healthcare professional becomes numb and disconnected after hearing andRead More

Resident Doctors: Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Concerns

Residency is, at a minimum, 3 years – with some surgical specializations taking training beyond 5 years. There’s no question that doctors-in-training undergo a lot of stress, as the stringent requirements take much time, money, and energy. As with any demanding profession, but especially in the medical field, mental health issues can arise if notRead More

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