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“I Have to Check My Email”: Could Your Workplace Habits Be Causing You Depression?

“I Have to Check My Email”: Could Your Workplace Habits Be Causing You Depression?

For CEOs, executives, and upper-level managers, the demands of a company are evermore increasing. There’s always a phone call that needs to be made, several emails that need to be responded to, a meeting to conduct, and more. Much of a company’s success depends on this high level of interaction, as the rest of the organization needs to remain knowledgeable on processes, projects, and changes. However, there comes a point when enough is enough – utilizing technology on a constant basis could very well be damaging your mental health, ultimately harming the success of your business.

Technology provides us with an opportunity to be more efficient, but it can hinder us as well. A 2016 study published in the journal Annals of Occupational and Environmental Medicine sought to explore the extent to which depressive and anxiety disorders are linked to high computer use in the workplace. A total of 48,850 workers were analyzed, with researchers obtaining information about individual computer use (less than 50% or over 75% of a person’s day), and self-reported symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. The following results were derived from the study:

  • The odds of developing depressive and anxiety disorder were higher in workers who needed to use computers for over 75% of their workday
  • The odds significantly increased the longer the hours worked
  • Higher odds of depressive and anxiety disorders were found in a variety of occupations, educations, and employment statuses, including: sales and service workers, high school and college education, those who are self-employed and employers alike

What could you do to decrease some of your chances for developing a mental illness such as depression or anxiety? First, be sure to take frequent breaks from technology. Take walks outside, practice some breathing exercises, or read a book. Be sure to have a computer with an anti-glare screen protector so that your eyes are not too strained. Long hours at work can mean quick food options, so be sure to call it a night every now and then – and eat some healthy food, too.

While these tasks may seem common knowledge, many people do not employ them because they place their work as top priority. This is understandable, but it’s important to remember that your mental and physical health determine the level of energy you are able to provide to your company. Maximize your energy and start taking care of yourself, today.

If you haven’t already, speak with someone from a professional treatment center to learn more about programs to best suit your needs. Optimal recovery is possible, and you are not alone in your pursuit for happiness, health, and wellbeing.

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