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Your Ultimate Guide to Running A Business with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

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Whether you were diagnosed when you were younger or this is a recent diagnosis, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) can affect nearly every aspect of life. From relationships to company events, stakeholder meetings to the way you manage your finances, GAD can cause you to withdraw, or hold yourself back, from taking opportunities. GAD does not discriminate, and it’s possible that even with much success, a CEO, executive, or other high-profile businessperson could develop this disorder. By understanding the way that GAD affects you and by taking steps to overcome it, you can get back on track with running your life the way you deserve to – without hesitation.

A 2017 study published in the Journal of Mood Disorders sought to explore the relationship between GAD and personality. This connection is important to understand because a professional’s personality in the workplace could be influenced by GAD, leading them to sound less confident in decision making, business interactions, and more. A total of 40 outpatients (30 women and 10 men) with a diagnosis of GAD were involved in the study. Researchers assessed these participants for not only GAD, but also for temperament and character, depression, and state-trait anxiety. Overall, results from the study indicated the following:

  • Those with GAD reported higher levels of anticipated worry, fear of uncertainty, shyness with strangers, fatigability, and asthenia (physical weakness or lack of energy).
  • An individual’s natural temperament could place them at risk for developing GAD, or GAD itself could become exhibited in someone’s personality – either way is a possibility
  • Some participants with GAD were also diagnosed comorbid with a depressive disorder, which does bring attention to the fact that depression could also be at risk for someone with a more susceptible personality or with GAD

If you’ve been diagnosed with GAD, what can you do to ensure your company runs smoothly?

  1. Seek treatment as soon as possible. The sooner you obtain one-on-one support, the sooner you’ll be where you want to be – feeling calm, cool, and collected.
  2. Practice mindfulness and meditation, both of which can help re-wire nerve pathways in the brain and make challenges and uncertainty easier to work through.
  3. Eat healthy foods, get good amounts of sleep, and exercise when you can. These three factors are crucial to normal, everyday healthy functioning, and skipping out on any could place your mind, body, and spirit in worse condition.

If you haven’t already, speak with someone from a professional treatment center to learn more about programs to best suit your needs. Optimal recovery is possible, and you are not alone in your pursuit for happiness, health, and wellbeing.

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