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Why Professionals Need More Gratitude

Why Professionals Need More Gratitude

We went to school, we went through trainings. We studied, we interned, we worked hard for hours of our lives working toward a single goal: our profession. Upon graduation, upon certification, upon passing boards, passing tests, and passing examinations, we sigh a great sigh of relief. For a moment, we might have felt a moment of gratitude. All the stress, the long hours, and the hard work was worth it. We finally made it. The next great chapter of our lives can begin as a professional in the field of our dreams.

Fast forward years later to being stressed. Our profession has taken off. We have practices, businesses, promotions, and job titles we ambitiously dreamed of all those strenuous hours of preparation for this moment. Yet, we are stressed. Despite our professional ambitions, our struggles with mental illness have caught up with us. We might drink. We might turn to drugs. We might find reprieve in behavioral addictions which don’t’ include substances. Here we are at the top we broke our necks looking up toward and we aren’t happy. What are we missing? Many of us professionals are missing gratitude.

We waited to be where we are today, even though we are struggling. The long hours, the hard work, the thriving practice, the promotions, saving lives, changing lives, transporting lives- whatever it is we do, this is what we want to be doing. When our profession becomes a burden, our perspective on our lives as professionals change. Our dream becomes our curse. Our profession becomes a point of chronic stress. Our lives quickly become unmanageable.

Gratitude is an instantaneous shape shifter of perspective. We cannot be burdened by what we are grateful for. Finding gratitude for our lives as professionals in our chosen fields of profession is necessary if we wish to find recovery long term. Practicing gratitude takes nothing more than a moment to change our outlook. Each day, we can start with gratitude for waking up and having the opportunity to practice in our field. Each night, we can finish with gratitude for another day’s work in the profession of our dreams. Gratitude is contagious. The more we find gratitude, the more gratitude there is to find. Suddenly, our dream is no longer a burden.

The Center for Professional Recovery offers the Professional Treatment Program, designed specifically to address the unique needs of professionals, like first-responders. Our programs are designed to treat co-occurring disorders which might arise and restore first-responders in a way which allows them to return to work and continue taking care of their mental health. For information on our full continuum of care for professionals, call us today: (855) 422-4129

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