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What Issues of Burnout Do Those in the Mental Healthcare Profession Experience?

What Issues of Burnout Do Those in the Mental Healthcare Profession Experience?

Psychiatrists and psychologists face daily challenges when it comes to providing care for patients with mental health concerns. Each client has unique needs, which creates a complex dynamic for medical and mental professionals alike to work with. As these providers strive to achieve client satisfaction and support services, this type of pressure and stress can lead to burnout. A 2016 study published in the journal World Psychiatry defined burnout as, “A psychological syndrome emerging as a prolonged response to chronic interpersonal stressors on the job.”

Three main dimensions of occupational burnout were explained, including: overwhelming exhaustion, feelings of cynicism and detachment from the job, and a sense of ineffectiveness or lack of accomplishment. In the mental health field, professionals are especially prone to burnout because it may feel as though their job never “ends” – patients are always coming in, and as there is always a direct need for more services in this realm. The result of this influx can lead to long hours, stress-responses, and fatigue, all of which can contribute to a professional’s own mental health concerns later down the line.

As emphasized by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), 2 out of 5 psychiatrists experience professional burnout. This continues to be a pressing concern, as burnout can lead to depression and anxiety; furthermore, the stigma behind mental illness and fear of losing one’s career make it difficult for many professionals in this field to seek the help they so desperately need. For many in this profession, it’s assumed that because one is providing services for mental health, that one’s own mental health is fully taken care of. Unfortunately, the opposite is the case for many, as their profession takes a mental and physical toll on them, leaving them with little energy to focus on themselves.

If you’ve been experiencing signs of burnout, it’s important that you take direct steps to work against this. Engage in hobbies outside of work, connect with others, focus on getting plenty of rest, eat nutritious foods and find your own therapist to speak with – there are even treatment centers that serve professionals such as yourself, to ensure complete privacy and comfort. Speak with someone today to take that much needed break that you deserve to focus on your own mental health. You won’t regret it.

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