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When It’s Time to Step Down at Work: 5 Hints Your Mental Health Needs a Break

When It’s Time to Step Down at Work: 5 Hints Your Mental Health Needs a Break

After working diligently for several years in an upper level position at a company, it’s possible to suddenly feel worn down, irritable, and less motivated – but why? After all these years, you’ve loved what you’ve been doing. You’ve had all the ambition in the world, and you’ve strived to get to where you are now. Why is it that all of a sudden, you wake up dreading all of your responsibilities rather than embracing them? Many top management positions come with a lot of pressure and stress, and this can certainly take a toll on someone after so many years. Your mental health is trying to tell you something, and you need to listen to it. Whether you make some subtle changes or you step down from your position, your mind, body, and spirit is telling you something.

A 2014 survey conducted by Willis Towers Watson called “The Employer/Employee Disconnect” discovered 3 primary concerns of employers in relation to stress: 1) lack of work/life balance, 2) inadequate staffing, and 3) expanded technology that asks them to check their phone/email outside of working hours. When these types of pressures take place, in addition to strict deadlines and major projects that come with upper level management, there are several warning signs that may point to stepping down:

  • You no longer have the energy or drive for the work your position requires
  • You are beginning to have other dreams you’d like to pursue
  • It’s becoming more difficult for you to have fresh ideas and insight
  • The pressure and stress is beginning to significantly affect your mental and physical health
  • You feel as though someone else would be a better fit
  • You simply don’t have the time to dedicate to all the demands your position continues to require

Good leadership is found in those who can guide others with motivation, reward/recognition, organization, time management, and more. It’s natural for your mind and body to become exhausted from the demands many upper-level positions require. In doing this, however, you may be giving yourself a much-needed break that could benefit your health in many ways. Take some time to seriously consider your options, and speak with a trusted advisor who can give you unbiased, personalized feedback.

If you feel you may be struggling with symptoms of a mental illness, speak with a professional from a reputable treatment center today. Recovery is possible, and taking a break from work to focus on yourself could be the very thing that you need.

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