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Do We Need Couples Therapy?

Do We Need Couples Therapy?

Addiction, alcoholism and/or mental illness can put a strain on a relationship when these issues go untreated. When professionals seek treatment, there is a rich opportunity to confront relationship issues as much as personal issues. Recovery is for the whole family and everyone involved. If you believe you and your partner are in need of couples therapy, you might identify with one of these statements.

Your love life is suffering

Professionals know that romance isn’t 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Romance comes and goes in a relationship, but intimacy is always important. Gestures of grandeur aren’t meant to be sustained. However, the little actions of a relationship which keep love alive and the embers of romance burning, do need to be sustained. If you find that you and your partner are lacking in taking consideration or small actions throughout the day, your love life is suffering. Couples therapy can benefit you in finding inspiration to treat each other in special ways.

Your sex life is suffering

Of course, one of the most special ways couples find intimacy together is through sex. It is natural and normal for couples to experience downtime in their sexual activities- what might be referred to as a “dry spell”. When weeks upon weeks, months upon months, or even years upon years go by without regular or any sexual interactions, there is cause for concern. If you find you or your partner are too energetically or emotionally exhausted to have sexual interactions, outside reasons need to be dealt with as well.

Your communication is suffering

Communication is an ongoing effort for couples. If your communication is no longer functional, but leads to fights and arguments, resentments and misunderstandings, or other complications, your communication needs help. Therapy can help you learn different communication techniques, how each person communicates best, and more.

You’re fighting more than normal

Couples are prone to arguments, even the occasional blowout and major fight. Couples are also prone to finding resolutions, returning to love, and navigating their issues. When couples are fighting more often than not, fighting about the same issues, and not finding peace again, there is trouble. Therapy can provide a way through the arguments, work toward resolution, and discover whether or not there is a future for the relationship.

You’re out of ideas

You might have tried various activities, spicing things up in the bedroom, reading books, meditating- sometimes, relationships escalate to a point beyond personal help. Professional help can save a relationship and radically change the lives of the people in them.

Our Professionals Treatment Program was designed by professionals for professionals using the best practices proven to change lives. Call the Center For Professional Recovery today: 855-422-4129

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