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As A Judge, Where Can I Find Resources for Substance Abuse Concerns?

As A Judge, Where Can I Find Resources for Substance Abuse Concerns?

Judges experience high-stress environments with lots of administrative protocols, pressures, and deadlines to meet. Judges are expected to uphold a professional, collected appearance, which can further feed into the fuel of denial if not addressed appropriately. Law schools do not stress enough the importance of maintaining mental health, which can lead a person to cope in unhealthy ways – such as with abusing substances. Whether you’re seeking help for yourself or for someone else, help is available. Substance abuse can truly disrupt a person’s career but also their family, health, finances, and more.

For substance abuse concerns, you may be able to look to the following:

  • Call the National Helpline for Judges Helping Judges, at 1-800-219-6474
  • Explore additional resources from the American Bar Association (ABA), such as guides to help judges experiencing stress or fatigue, wellness frameworks for creating a well-balanced life, and more
  • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) often provides studies and information regarding the warning signs of substance abuse and mental illness, as well as typical treatment options
  • The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) tends to offer a lot of information on recovery, which could help you in deciding what your next step should be
  • You may be able to speak with your Human Resource Department to obtain more information on specific treatment and recovery options available to employees

While utilizing resources is beneficial in becoming prepared to begin one’s journey to recovery, treatment in and of itself cannot be replaced. Professional treatment centers should provide you with optimal comfort, nutritious catering services, privacy, holistic activities such as meditation and acupuncture, and much more. In the field of criminal justice, much stress is placed on judges to make decisions that comply with the law for what is fair. This is not an easy feat, as cases are complex and take much considerable time; whatever treatment center you choose, it should be one that feels like home to you.

Substance abuse can become an issue when a judge feels as though substances are the only way to minimize the effects of anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, etc. While use may not actively seem to have an impact on one’s work, that does not mean that it isn’t causing problems in the personal life. Treatment for substance abuse often begins with detoxification, and then moves forward into psychotherapy.

If you haven’t already, speak with someone from a professional treatment center to learn more about programs to best suit your needs. Optimal recovery is possible, and you are not alone in your pursuit for happiness, health, and wellbeing.

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