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A Pathway to Success in Challenging Times

“Safeguarding the public by improving physician and other professionals’ health and wellbeing.”

A pathway to success in challenging times.
With so much uncertainty and stress in the world today—a pandemic, protests, massive wildfires, and a contentious presidential election—one thing remains constant: Dr. Gregory Skipper and the Center for Professional Recovery (CPR) are here for you. We continue to successfully treat and support medical professionals experiencing addiction and substance use disorders, helping them restore their personal lives and career paths.

We can help you help them.
Dr. Skipper and the CPR team feel it’s especially important during these unprecedented times to offer complimentary access to our educational materials, including webinars, trainings, videos, and articles.

In addition to CPR’s custom trainings, Dr. Skipper hosts a monthly webinar for well-being committees, hospitals, and physician health programs. View Dr. Skipper’s most recent webinar: “Failing Up”

For more information on our webinars and trainings, please click HERE.

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