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6 Ways Your Workplace Could Be Contributing to Mental Health Concerns

6 Ways Your Workplace Could Be Contributing to Mental Health Concerns

Mental illness stigma runs rampant in the workplace, with many people not even feeling comfortable disclosing their mental illness concerns through employment screening processes in fear they will be considered incapable of meeting their job demands. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the United States loses $1 trillion each year in lost productivity due to employee mental health issues – with such a major loss, how can business executives turn their heads to providing support for employees? Harassment and bullying at work can certainly perpetuate symptoms of mental illness, as a toxic workplace environment can make employees feel unheard, unseen, and uncared for.

A variety of workplace factors can also increase your employees’ risk for developing mental health concerns, including:

  •      Inadequate health and workplace safety policies
  •      Poor management practices and business communication
  •      Employees having limited control over their area of work
  •      Low levels of support from other employees
  •      Inflexible working hours
  •      Organizational objectives and tasks that are vague

According to the American Psychological Association’s(APA) 2016 Work and Well-Being Survey, less than half of working Americans reported that their organization actively supports their mental health and well-being. With not enough support provided by companies, it makes sense that more people are struggling with productivity, focusing on tasks, showing up to work on time, and more. As a business professional with the power to influence your employees, what can you do?

  •      Promote mental health awareness through policies, workplace places, workshops, and discussions
  •      Build on your employees’ strengths
  •      Address mental health issues and provide your staff with resources for support
  •      Seek help yourself, to serve as an example for others if you are currently struggling with symptoms of a mental illness

Partnering with local mental health organizations and treatment centers could be beneficial in referring employees who could benefit from this assistance, and they will be much more likely to feel invested in their position if they feel they were for a company who cares. The decisions you make regarding this could cause your company to save (or lose) a lot of time, money, and productivity – placing mental health as a top priority is the most logical way to go. By creating a workplace environment filled with inclusivity and respect, you open your workplace relationships up to much more authenticity and creativity – meaning you will also garner more support for your own mental health recovery, too.

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