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5 Reasons Why It’s Good to Take a Short Leave, To Focus on Your Mental Health

5 Reasons Why It’s Good to Take a Short Leave, To Focus on Your Mental Health

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 1 in 4 people throughout the world have a mental illness. Nearly two thirds of people don’t seek help for these concerns, however – and it can have a major impact on not only their personal life, but their professional life, too. As the Washington Post states, those in certain high-ranking positions, such as doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, and pilots, are at higher risk for mental illness given the little time and energy they have to practice self-care. Mental health concerns can cause us to have difficulty concentrating at work, to experience problems completing projects and meeting deadlines, to strain relationships with others, and even appear less productive as a result. If you’ve been thinking about taking a leave to work on your mental health, this is probably the best time to do it.

There are so many reasons why taking a short leave could be beneficial for you:

  1.    It allows you to improve your mental health, which means you will be able to go back to work with a clearer mind and a set of tools to use if you experience any challenges.
  2.    It gives you a break from working, which could boost your energy for when you return.
  3.    It will provide you with time to reassess your personal and professional life, so that you can make healthy changes moving forward.
  4.    A short leave could help you rediscover parts of you that were missing underneath your mental illness symptoms.
  5.    Taking a break could prevent you from quitting your job, which many people do if the pressure weighs too heavily on them.

The Harvard Business Review suggests easing back into work by exploring whether you should return part time or full time, and to be compassionate with yourself. Rather than overwhelming yourself with several projects, start slowly – stick to a routine, and take breaks whenever it’s needed. Don’t wait any longer to begin taking steps towards your happiness, health, and wellness today.

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