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3 More Things You Won’t Be Stressing About At Work Anymore

3 More Things You Won’t Be Stressing About At Work Anymore

Life in recovery makes life better than ever before. Day by day the stress of work is slipping off your shoulders as recovery makes your life more manageable.

    • You won’t stress about being perfect anymore: Perfectionism is one of a professional’s greatest illusions. At its core, perfectionism is a delusion because no professional, no matter their skill or talent, can be perfect. Professionals face an extraordinary amount of pressure in their lives, trying to be perfect in their jobs, perfect in their homes, and perfect in other areas of their life. Time in treatment teaches professionals many things, however, one thing is emphasized over and over again: not being perfect is perfectly fine. Treatment will help you set your expectations of yourself at a reasonable standard and help you discover where your expectations of perfection came from. Letting go of that old programming, you can allow yourself to be imperfect and flawed, letting go of the need to be anyone other than yourself.


  • You won’t stress that someone is going to find out about your addiction: Addiction and mental illness are chased by shame. Hiding an addiction out of shame, or hiding the symptoms of a mental illness out of shame, are deeply connected to that need to be perfect. Shame acts as gasoline, constantly thrown on the fire of mental illness, inspiring isolation and isolated thinking. Chances are, many people were aware that something was wrong. Though your privacy is a right in the workplace, you might choose to open up about your experience in order to encourage others to seek treatment as well if they are suffering. Having the weight of shame off of your shoulders will feel revolutionary.
  • You won’t stress about taking necessary breaks: Taking breaks at work can be tied to perfectionism and shame. If people see you taking breaks, they might think something is wrong, something isn’t right, or perhaps you are drinking or doing drugs. Recovery gives you the right to do simple things each day like walk outside in the sunshine, meditate for five minutes, eat a meal or a snack, or call a mentor, 12-step sponsor, or other guiding member of your recovery. These small behaviors are critical to your recovery and your overall performance at work. Now that your mental health is prioritized, you won’t stress about taking the breaks you need.


We are built by professionals for professionals, specially designing our Professionals Treatment Program to meet the needs of professionals seeking care for addiction and mental health issues. Call the Center for Professionals today for information: 855-422-4129

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