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What To Do When Alcohol Affects Job Performance

Alcohol is well known for its ability to lower inhibitions and create a temporary release from the stresses in life. It’s also widely accepted, easily available, and often included in most social settings, even those that are job related. However, once abused, alcohol begins to show its negative side. Excessive drinking, or binge drinking, starts to deteriorate relationships and creates long-lasting damage both at home and in the workplace.

Reduced job performance

Excessive use of personal time and sick days will inevitably impact job performance.  Even without calling out sick to recover, the quality of work can lower quickly. That’s because alcohol can affect decision making, relationships with co-workers and lower the overall quality of work produced.

Though alcohol use in and of itself is one of the Top 10 reasons employees get fired, many of the behaviors displayed in the other 9 are made worse when alcohol is added into the picture. Most people who are chronically sleep deprived from late night drinking can become highly irritable and irritating for employers and co-workers, causing unnecessary strain and low work morale.

Deterioration of health

Additional problems that arise from alcohol misuse are related to health. Many heavy drinkers find themselves unable to come in to work the next day after a night of binge drinking. Part of the reason for this is a lack of the necessary REM, or deep sleep, the body needs to replenish. Without this, employees wind up using sick days to recover or attempt to come to work only to struggle throughout the day.

Alcohol also exacerbates mental health issues, such as depression. In fact, nearly one-third of people who suffer from major depression also have problems related to alcohol. Drinking heavily makes depression worse and can cause antidepressants to become less effective.

Other health concerns include the long term damage to the body, including the brain, liver, bones and the potential for alcohol dependency.

Signs of a problem

Enjoying the occasional drink after work with friends and co-workers is not an indicator that a problem exists.

However, if any of the following are true then it may be time to seek a diagnosis from a professional:

  • Increased isolation – time away from friends and family
  • More focus on drinking or recovering from the effects of drinking
  • Continued use of alcohol even if it is causing personal, professional or financial problems
  • Inability to stop using alcohol or using more than you intended
  • Consuming more alcohol to achieve the same effect (tolerance)
  • Physical symptoms if alcohol consumption is stopped (withdraw

How To Get Help for Alcohol Addiction

For professionals truly invested in their career, it’s important to understand the impacts alcohol can have on job performance. Seeking help early and committing to the right treatment plan can make the changes needed to prevent termination.

Our facility offer programs designed to keep time disruptions from work and life minimal. If you or loved one are in danger of losing a license or jeopardizing your career goals due to excessive drinking — we are here to help. The Center For Professional Recovery offers the privacy and professionalism you need to recover mind, body, and spirit.

Call today to speak to a treatment specialist.


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