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This Is Why Employees Are Burning Out At Record Highs

This Is Why Employees Are Burning Out At Record Highs

Stress is at an all time high, the professionals are saying, and it is penetrating every area of our lives. When we are stressed at work, it follows us home. If we are experiencing stress at home, it follows us to work. Few of us are well versed or well practiced in the kind of stress management which is actually beneficial and effective. As a result, we have systemic stress that is affecting our mental health and our physical health.

A survey conducted by Udemy, as reported by Entrepreneur, revealed interesting insights from employees who admit they are stressed. More than 1,000 full-time employees were surveyed for the study. More than half of the participants feel more stressed in the present day compared to a year ago. More than half of the participants also said they feel stressed nearly all of the time in the workplace.

What Is Causing All The Stress?

Technology has developed at an astonishingly rapid pace in the last few decades, which has put increasing pressure on workers of all kinds. Today, even doctors are feeling the stress of automation’s promise, as commercials indicate robotic surgeons and nurses may one day play a part in the medical world. The survey found that just over half of the participants face constant worry that they will be replaced by artificial intelligence.

How Are Workers Handling Stress?

Of those surveyed, forty-two percent said they are paying for personal development, digitally. The world wide web offers a platform to many professionals who promise life changing solutions to coping with stress, being more productive with work, and ensuring relevance.

What Cost Does Workplace Stress Have?

Stress in the workplace comes with a big cost. Most important to consider is the cost of the workers. Professionals from all industries are struggling with their mental health. Many of them turn to drugs, alcohol, and other abusive coping mechanisms. Many others develop anxiety, depression, and struggle with other mental illnesses- often co-occurring with addiction issues. Overall, these personal struggles with stress in the workplace lead to struggles on the behalf of businesses. According to the article, up to $190 billion can go to healthcare costs to help workers deal with stress, or the aftermath of not dealing with stress.

Burnout is a real problem being faced by professionals across many fields. If you are facing difficulties with your mental health and are turning to drugs or alcohol to cope, there is help. Call the Center for Professional Recovery today for information on our Professionals Treatment Program: 855-422-4129.

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