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How Much Of an Influence Does Work-Life Balance Have on One’s Health?

How Much Of an Influence Does Work-Life Balance Have on One’s Health?

Work-life balance has long been a discussion within the United States; Forbes Magazine highlights that the United States comes in 7th place in terms of number of hours worked – Americans typically spend 1,779 hours per year working, with Germany sporting the lowest number of hours worked (1,371 hours total each year). Work-life balance is evolving, especially as generational perspectives shift, but tends to describe the balance between working and time spent on other key areas of one’s life, such as friends, family, hobbies, and more.

Previous research has shown that an imbalance between time spent at work and time spent at home can increase stress, fatigue, mood swings, irritability, and decreased work performance, ultimately leading to burnout. Mental Health America (MHA) emphasizes that when stress affects us mentally, we begin to reap the consequences physically – through colds, backaches, heart disease, and more. Why does this occur?

A 2016 study conducted by researchers from The Research Institute of Economy, Trade, and Industry noted that while job satisfaction rises for people who work 55 hours a week or more, their mental and physical health decline. A 2015 article published by Harvard Medical School stated that those who work over 55 hours a week are 13% more likely to have a heart attack and 33% more likely to suffer a stroke. Too often, there are misconceptions regarding the health risks of overworking – especially in the United States, people are often revered for their ability to dedicate many long hours to their position. If health is such a major concern when it comes to work-life balance, what can employers and employees do?

  • Employers can certainly consider creating more flexible options for employees, and provide more stress-relief initiatives
  • More healthy food options can be offered near workplace areas
  • Physical activity can be incorporated; many companies now have their own gyms that employees can attend
  • Provide employees with the option to stand up while working rather than sitting down
  • Initiate humor in the workplace – laughter is good for the mind, body, and spirit
  • Emphasize to employees the importance of routine check-ups with a doctor

Work-life balance can have a significant impact on a person’s mind, body, and spirit. Unfortunately, many people attempt to cope with the stress of overworking by smoking cigarettes and abusing substances. If you are currently struggling with a mental illness or addiction, speak with a professional from a reputable treatment center about programs that could suit your needs.

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