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7 Signs Your Anxiety Is Getting The Best Of You At Work

7 Signs Your Anxiety Is Getting The Best Of You At Work

Anxiety is quite sneaky at times, and can show up when you least expect for it to. Anxious thoughts may trickle in right before a presentation or a meeting, and can slowly work their way into thought patterns riddled with doubts and uncertainties before you can get a firm grasp on them. If we don’t catch anxiety before it gets too far, we could find ourselves working with a real mental illness on our hands. Since the workplace is a prime environment for pressure, stress, and anxiety, it’s critical that you take care of your mental health and assess your workplace behaviors every now and then. The following are some warning signs that your anxiety may be affecting your workplace performance and other areas of your life, in some major ways, as explained by the Center for Workplace Mental Health:

  1. Intense feelings of fear or panic, often with physical symptoms such as sweating, trembling, upset stomach, difficulty speaking, and more
  2. Calling in absent to work often due to anxious thoughts
  3. Showing up late to work often because of anxiety, or lack of sleep from anxious thoughts
  4. Having trouble concentrating on projects
  5. Avoiding certain people, places, or situations at work because you’re afraid of having a panic attack
  6. Finding yourself physically restless from anxiety manifesting into physical symptoms
  7. No longer participating in workplace events because of your anxiety

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) lists a number of effective coping strategies to use in the meantime until you seek help from a reputable healthcare professional, such as:

  • Trying to stay as organized as possible
  • Working on projects early so that you have time to work through anxiety
  • Educating yourself on anxiety and the symptoms of this
  • Finding someone whom you can trust at work with your concerns
  • Not overcommitting yourself to projects so that you don’t get burnt out

Anxiety can manifest into generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, and more, having an affect on eating, sleeping, and behavioral patterns. Your workplace success and personal happiness may be in jeopardy if your anxiety becomes strong, which is why it’s critical that you seek help when its needed.

If you haven’t already, speak with someone from a professional treatment center to learn more about programs to best suit your needs. Optimal recovery is possible, and you are not alone in your pursuit for happiness, health, and wellbeing.

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